Care and Cleaning

To get the most benefit from your Bionaire product and to avoid product misuse, follow all instructions carefully, specifically the operation, care and maintenance guidelines. Please note this is an electrical appliance and requires attention when in use. Cleaning your product every one or two weeks is important in order to maintain efficient, healthy operation.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Follow these instructions to correctly and safely care for your Bionaire fan. Please remember:

  • Always unplug the fan before cleaning or disassembling.
  • Do not allow water to drip on or into the fan motor housing.
  • Do not use any of the following as a cleaner: gasoline, thinner, or benzine.

For the Desk and Pedestal Fans
  • Access the fan blade by removing the front grill and the fan blade nut.
  • Clean the fan blade, both front and rear grills with a soft cloth moistened in a mild soap solution.
  • Replace blade, tighten the fan blade nut, and securely fasten the front grill.

Fan Head, Base, and Pole Cleaning
  • Using a soft, moist cloth, with or without a mild soap solution, carefully clean the fan base, pole, and head. Please use caution around the motor housing area. Do not allow the motor or other electrical components to be exposed to water.

Fan Storage Instructions
  • Your fan can be stored in the off-season; however, it is important to keep it in a safe, dry location.
  • We recommend using the original (or appropriately sized) box.
  • If stored, assembled, or partially assembled, remember to protect the fan from dust.
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