Choosing the right model

Maintaining optimal moisture is essential for comfortable indoor living. The makers of Bionaire products strive to help you achieve pure comfort in your home with a line of compact, stylish and energy-efficient humidifiers. When choosing a humidifier, follow these simple steps:

1) Select the correct model for the room size. Bionaire humidifier models are designed for use in small to large rooms. Select models are designed to be used in multiple room sizes.
2) Decide whether cool moisture or warm moisture is most appropriate for your environment.
Warm Mist/Vaporizer:
Gently boiling water produces warm, soothing visible mist for added comfort during cooler months.
Many offer medicine cups. Low maintenance.
An ultrasonic transducer filters water, producing pure, refreshing visible cool mist. Quiet, refreshing & low-maintenance.
3) Select the features you need to achieve optimal use.

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