How the products work

How it works: Electricity is passed through ceramic plates, heating surrounding aluminium elements; a fan distributes heat into the room.
Benefits: Ceramic heaters are small, powerful and portable. Energy efficient and safe while providing instant warmth.
Solutions: Perfect to add extra warmth to small offices or cooler back rooms. Can be placed on the table or floor.

How it works: Cool-touch plastic housings encase metal coil elements. As the coil is heated, a fan distributes warmth into the area.
Benefits: Fan-forced units work well in rooms where central heating is unavailable or insufficient.
Solutions: Offered in a variety of sizes and styles, fan-forced heaters quickly bring the room to a comfortable temperature.

How it works: Like the sun, heats what is directly in front of it, rather than the entire room. Ribbon coils or quartz tubes work with reflective panels to project heat.
Benefits: Radiant heaters are quiet, clean and targeted, focusing heat exactly where it is needed.
Solutions: Great for drafty rooms, three-season porches or varying personal preferences of guests or family members

How it works: A compact heating element warms the air directly in front of the unit, which circulates upwards into the room providing consistent warmth.
Benefits: Ultra quiet, convection heaters provide steady, long heating solutions for larger rooms.
Solutions: Ideal for large rooms and active homes with children and pets.

How it works: Heating elements heat up refined mineral oil, then disperses warmth through a process of convection.
Benefits: Fluid never needs to be replaced in these units, which provide steady, quiet, long-term heat.
Solutions: Quiet, safe and mobile, these low-cost heaters work well in various room sizes – from large living areas to bedrooms.

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