How the products work

Dehumidifiers work like an air conditioner that has both hot and cold coils in the same box. A fan draws moist air from the room over the cold coil to condense the moisture and capture the water from the air. The air then passes over the hot coil to warm it to its original temperature and is dispersed back into the room.

Additional features:
Look for these additional options on your Bionaire® dehumidifiers.

Auto safety shut off -When the tank is full the product will shut off to prevent any overflow for added safety.

Electronic Humidity Control – A humidity thermostat measures the moisture in the air and automatically removes moisture to achieve the setting you select.

Quiet Technology: Ultra quiet operation for whole room dehumidification.

Carry handle and casters: Move the product to the room where it's needed easily and quickly.

Sophisticated, Compact Design – Bionaire® dehumidifiers are versatile, slim and compact, designed to enhance the aesthetics of your home.

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