Types of the products

Tower Fans

Sleek, stylish and space saving, tower fans are among the most popular portable fan styles.

Mini Tower

A smaller version of the popular tower fans, mini towers offer many features of full-sized towers in a slim, compact size. Look for timers, oscillation and three-speed settings.


Compact personal fan models allow you to place a breath of fresh air wherever you go. Great at home, in the office or on the road. The blade size is typically 15cm (6”).


Stylish and innovative fans designed specifically for use on a table or desk, allowing you to focus the refreshing breeze right where you need it. The blade size ranges from 23cm to 40 cm (9” to 16”).


Window fans effectively draw cooler air from the outside to cool your home. Some Window fans have filters to help eliminate pollen within your home and provide a cooling breeze inside. Window fans are used for air intake, air exhaust, or air exchange. The blades sizes range from 20 cm to 40 cm (8” to 16”).


With large blades and sturdy portable design, box fans cover larger rooms with a strong, cooling breeze. The blade size is 50 cm (20”).

High Velocity

These powerful fans create full-room air circulation, helping to keep the entire room cool and comfortable. The blade size ranges from 36 cm to 48 cm (14” to 19”).


With adjustable height and upright design, stand fans can be placed in corners or behind sofas to distribute air into every corner of the room. The blades sizes range from 30 cm to 40 cm (12” to 16”)


Sturdy weatherproof fans are designed to add a cool breeze to outdoor patios, decks or three-season porches, keeping you and your guests cool and comfortable. The blade size is 45 cm (18”)

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